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Size: 2130 mm x 610 mm x 810 mm


Complete SS 304 grade.

Trolley frame made from 31.75 x 31.75 x 16 swg square S.S tube with horizontal supports from 25.4mm x 25.4 mm x 18 swg S.S tube

5 mm thick S.S Plates welded firmly to the bottom of the trolley for mounting castors

200 mm dia heavy duty revolving castors plate type

One diagonal set of castors to be provided with brakes

Detachable Stretcher Top made from 18 swg S.S sheet.

Stretcher Top welded on 25.4 mm x 18 swg S.S Tube

Both ends of the stretcher to be provided with at least 150mm Stainless steel handles 25.4 mm dia and 18 swg thick

150 mm stumps made form 25.4 mm dia x 18 swg S.S tube with horizontal supports welded to the stretcher top frame with nylon shoes.

Provided with 50mm thick foam mattress 32 density with belts

CE certified