Pawar Electro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

an ISO 9001:2008 Company
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Quality Assurance

During Manufacturing, emphasis is laid on Processes, Quality and Testing to ensure that the product performs as per the design throughout its life. Here the quality of the components used, the manufacturing processes, Quality checks and testing play a vital role and hence strict care is taken while managing the same.

A dedicated team of 12 inspectors headed by Quality Assurance Manager ensures that all raw material and components are tested as per the quality plan. Testing and acceptance norms at every stage of the manufacturing process are clearly well defined in our quality management system. The Q.A. department ensures the compliance of manufacturing to the quality management system established by the Company.

Following facilities help in achieving this: Facility   Description
1 Test Room   Fully equipped Test Room of around 15 sq.m. with controlled atmospheric conditions of Temperature from 23 to 43 degree C and humidity up to 80% RH
2 Test Equipments   Various Measuring instruments, Gauges etc.
3 PT Lab   Equipments and facilities for testing of pre treatment chemicals
4 Performance tester   Temperature mapping device & software G-Tech make SC-5