Pawar Electro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

an ISO 9001:2008 Company
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Blood Donor Couch

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Platelet Incubator with Agitator

Blood Donor Couch

Refrigerated Water bath (Cryo Bath)

Refrigerated Centrifuge/ Cryofuge

Deep Freezer -20 Deg C

Deep Freezer -40 Deg C

Deep Freezer -80 Deg C

Ice Lined Refrigerator (ILR)

Ice Lined Freezer (Chest freezer)

Laminar Air Flow

Plasma Expresser/ separator

Di Electric Tube Sealer

Portable RF Tube Sealer

Blood Collection Monitor with shaker

Plasma Thawing Bath

Weight Kg. -
70 95 110
Movement -
Single Step Two Step Three Step
Dimensions - 180 x 60 x 62
Weight Capacity - Up to 150 Kg.
Input Supply - 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz, SINGLE PHASE
Arm Adjustment - Adjustable Arm rest
No. Of Trays - Four Adjustable Trays (Optional)
Colours - As per requirement