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Administering injections, drawing blood, disposing off used needles, the hospital staff’s every day duties present plenty of opportunities for an accidental needle stick injury.

Electrical Needle & Syringe Destroyer is a revolutionary method of destroying hypodermic sharps needles for the safety of nurses medical and hospital staff, as well as home care, juvenile diabetes, veterinary offices, clinics, labs dental and doctor’s offices. Needles should be destroyed immediately after the usage, since; the needles stick injury can be occurred at any stage after the use.

In an ongoing quest for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other infective diseases prevention and medical waste management, NDU reduces the risk of needle stick injury, by instantly Electro-melting stainless steel hypodermic needles into their original harmless components of chromium oxide, nickel oxide, and ferrous oxide. The unit is safe, environmentally sound and cost effective.

The product is thoroughly tested at government test labs as per the electrical safety of the equipment and general requirements.




WHO-PQS EC- Certi. Of factory production control

WHO-PQS ISO 9001 : 2008

EN ISO 13485 :2003 + AC: 2007

ISO 14001: 2004

OHSAS 18001 : 2007

EN ISO 13485 :2003 + AC: 2007

EC- Certi. Of factory production control


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