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ICU Bed (Fully Motorized) With 4 PC

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Overall Size: 2250 mm L X 965 mm W X height adjustable from 485mm to 710mm (Approx.)

Suitable for Mattress Size:- 1980 mm L X 890 mm W (Approx.)


Bed frame is made up of 60 mm x 30 mm x 16G CRCA rectangular tubes

Rubber buffers of 150 mm diameter.

Four- flush I.V. Rod locations with nylon inserts to avoid rusting

Four sections top is made up of 18G CRCA sheet double press bend on four sides and uniformly perforated holes 23 mm diameter

Backrest and leg end section is welded to 25.4 mm diameter x 16G CRCA pipe, Fix section is made up of 18G CRCA sheet and 25 mm X 5 mm M. S. Flat welded to main frame.

Backrest and knee section can be adjusted by two separate screw mechanism with folding handle non detachable in SS.

Base frame is of 60 mm x 30 mm x 16G CRCA rectangular tube fitted with four no’s with non rusting high engineering molded 125mm dia Castors two with diagonal locking.

Height adjustment, Trendelenberg & reverse Trendelenberg by two separate screws & lever mechanism with folding handles non detachable in SS .

The Head and Leg end Bow is made by good quality polymer material and the molded panels easily removable. Internally Supported by 60 x 40 mm ERW tube

Telescopic 4 pole attachment.

Aluminum extruded rails 1480 mm long with anodizing with six vertical poles which can be operated by lever provided at the end.

100 mm thick mattress with sections as per the bed with Rexene cover in pre approved color

Finish: All components should be pretreated in separate eight tank process for better finish, good adhesion and corrosion protection. Process includes Hot Degreasing, Derusting, Activation, Phosphating & Number of Water rinses as per IS 3618 - 1966 class ‘C’ type and then pretreated materials is coated with epoxy powder with film thickness of 60 microns (approx.) and then oven baked at 180 degree centigrade.

CE certified