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Delivery Bed (Motorized)

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Instrument Trolleys Medium With 2 Shelf Complete ss

Instrument Trolleys Medium With 1 Shelf Complete ss

External dimensions: 2150 mm x 1015 mm, 85" x 40" (L x W) when fully extended).

Platform Dimension : 2070 mm x 910 mm, 81" x 36" (L x W)

Mattress Platform : 1985 mm x 700 mm, 78" x 27.5" (L x W

Minimum Height : 515 mm, 20.2"

Maximum Height : 880 mm, 35"

Complete Stainless steel 304 grade motorized Delivery bed

Handset for easy adjustments of backrest, height & Trendelenberg / reverse Trendelenberg.

Three sections top made of 8mm thick bacteria resistant and water proof compact laminate

Handset for electrically adjustments of backrest, height and Trendelenberg / Reverse Trendelenberg.

Leg section can be telescoped under backrest for lithotomy positions.

Easily removable polymer moulded head and foot boards.

Polymer moulded Split type safety side rail on each side can be easily lowered with built in tilt degree indicators

Stainless Steel bearing down supports with hand grip.

Middle and leg section tops removable for cleaning.

A pair of upholstered lithotomy crutches mounted on stainless steel rods.

Stainless Steel telescopic I.V. Pole.

Stainless Steel Tray.

Three section mattress.

Dust protective base cover.

Corner buffers.

Safe working load of 150 kgs and patient load bearing capacity of 110 kgs

Supplied in SKD Condition.

CE certified