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Measurement of pH and temperature, Digit LED display with pH combination electrode and temperature probe (table Model)

Size : Vertical cabinet (upright).

Blood Bag Capacity : Accommodate 2 bags each of 450 ml blood bags in each bucket with a total capacity of 12 bags per spin. Additive solution.

Centrifugal force : Minimum ceiling – 5000 g

Temperature range : Temperature range -10°C to +40°C ?Microprocessor controlled rotor temperature within 1°C regardless of the centrifuge speed

Controller : Micro processor controlled rotor speed to within 10 rotations per minute (rpm) of set value.

Auto shut down : Auto shut-down in case of rotor load is out of balance with appropriate indicator and visual alarm.

Display : Digital display of temperature, speed and time. No. of digit resolution etc. shall be indicated in the offer

Revolution : Programmable time : 0 – 99 minutes with minimum revolution of 1 minute

Memory : Programmable memory with Tamper proof facility.

Chamber : Stainless steel chamber for Easy to clean, corrosion resistant with provision of both drain and condensed water collection container

Safety : “JOVE” centrifuge with built-in security lock to prevent unintentional switch off and also unauthorized opening of the equipment.

Sensors : PT 100 Sensor for temperature monitoring & Negative Temperature Thermostat Sensor Control for compressor.

Body Material: Stainless steel powder coated material for interior walls and shelves, perforated on the bottom for perfect and homogeneous distribution of cold air with bacteria resistant.

Lock and Castors : Standard Door lock, lockable castors for movement.

Operating Voltage : 220 – 240 Volts, 50-60 Hz Single phase




WHO-PQS EC- Certi. Of factory production control

WHO-PQS ISO 9001 : 2008

EN ISO 13485 :2003 + AC: 2007

ISO 14001: 2004

OHSAS 18001 : 2007

EN ISO 13485 :2003 + AC: 2007

EC- Certi. Of factory production control


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